Trickle Charger charges Vehicle Battery from Leisure Battery with Solar Charger /Mains Hookup 74.95!


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Trickle Charger charges Vehicle Battery from Leisure Battery with Solar Charger /Mains Hookup

The AMT12-2 has many names Trickle Charger, Battery Maintainer, Battery Saver, Reverse Charger, Top Up Charger, Battery Equaliser, but its purpose is to keep a Source / Vehicle Battery charged & protected from damage during prolonged periods of Vehicle, Boat & Motorhome inactivity or storage. The charger feeds a low current into the Source Battery to compensate for self discharge, alarm & tracker loads while ensuring the charge of the Auxiliary / Leisure Battery is maintained.

In the ideal scenario a Solar Charger or Mains Charger is attached to an Auxiliary / Leisure Battery to protect it from damage during the period of inactivity & the Trickle Charger draws a small current off to maintain the Vehicle / Source Battery.
The Trickle Charger also feeds charge from the Auxiliary Battery to the Vehicle Battery until they reach 11.5V & 11.7V receptively ensuring that both Batteries are kept as healthy as possible even if no Solar Charger or Main Charger is present.

The unit has 4 User selected programmes & so is suitable for use with any Auxiliary Battery Charging System including a simple Voltage Sensing Relay & a Battery to Battery Charger.
It does not matter the Make or Type of Charger the AMT12-2 will Charge the Vehicle Battery from the Leisure Battery & the clever software means it is compatible with conventional Alternator Vehicles, the latest Stop / Start & Euro 5/6 & Regenerative Braking Technologies.

The unit has a low current draw of less than 2mA on a 12V system & so presents a very small discharge load to the Vehicle & Leisure Battery. At 1Ahr drain every 20 days the unit has negligible effect on the Battery Capacity & should will easily cover a winter storage period.
When a charging source either a Mains Charger or a Solar Charger is connected to the Auxiliary / Leisure Battery the AMT12-2 Trickle Charger allows a maximum of 4A (Usually considerably less) to flow from the Leisure Battery to the Vehicle Battery thus ensuring the Leisure Battery is Charged first & the Vehicle Battery second.

The AMT12-2 works with all types of Lead Acid Batteries & Lithium Batteries, The Status Led gives feedback on the Trickle Charger Operation & State of Charge of the Vehicle Battery & Auxiliary Battery Conditions.
There is Ignition Override & Switch Enable to allow the user to externally control the charging if for some reason they wish to override the automatic settings.
The AMT12-2 Trickle Charger works on 12V & 24V Battery Systems, Automatically detecting whether it is connected to a 24V or 12V system.

The compact potted plastic enclosure mean it easily fitted next to the Auxiliary Battery Charger & the 3 x M6 bolt connections,The Inbuilt Fuse Protection means the Installation is extremely quick & easy.
This product has been Developed by Ablemail as part of a Range & if this product does not meet your requirement, Please contact our Technical Department to see if we can meet your exact needs.

  • EMC
  • Type approved to 72/245/EEC as last amended by 95/54/EC
  • Protection
  • Automatic overload and over temperature protection with fully automatic reset
  • Part No. - IEM-ABAMT12-2

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